I have an imaginary back-and-forth going with the hot blonde commuter guy on my bus. we haven’t spoken to eachother yet. but we will. maybe. probably not.

I'm not using this blog anymore. here's my new one.

I hate most of the stuff I follow and it’s tied to shitty experiences. if you still think I’m a bad bitch follow me on here or my photo page malloryguzzi.tumblr.com

sitting next to a fat old lady filing her nails on the bus. her fat is touching me and I want to vomit. I’m going to cut someone today.

I’m super attracted to anyone that’s attractively goofy and says mean things to me, no matter how lame they actually are. I need to stop this.

I can’t count the miles away from where I want to be.

six-months-ago Mallory would’ve really given a fuck about this. glad I’m not her.

in other news, the hot gas attendant at my wawa held the door for me this morning. He’s either an old-looking 18-year-old working an age-appropriate job, or he’s over 21 and working the job of an 18-year-old. either way I still find him super attractive. sue me.